We have a new appraoch to recording. We can record a choir in one large room,a band in another room and a solo singer in a booth or you can record any where around the building to capture different acoustics.


Midas M32 32 Channel Digital Mixing console

Slate Raven MTI2 touch screen mixer

Tannoy/Quad Monitoring

Mackie HR824 Monitors

Neumann KH120 secondary speakers

BAE/Focusrite/UAD preamps

Outboard-Lexicon,Warm Audio

Mac pro running hundreds of plug ins from-SSL,Slate-UA-Fabfilter-Waves-Izotope-Native instruments-PSP etc etc

Numerous mics-Neumann,Coles, AKG,Beyer,Slate,Aston,Shure etc

Access to numerous boutique amps,guitars,basses and instruments