We have a new appraoch to recording. We can record a choir in one large room,a band in another room and a solo singer in a booth or you can record any where around the building to capture different acoustics.


Midas M32 32 Channel Digital Mixing console

Slate Raven MTI2 touch screen mixer

Mackie HR824 Monitors

Neumann KH120 secondary speakers

BAE/Focusrite/UAD preamps

Outboard-Lexicon,Warm Audio

Mac pro running hundreds of plug ins from-Slate-UA-Fabfilter-Waves-Izotope-Native instruments-PSP etc etc

Numerous mics-Neumann,Coles, AKG,Beyer,Slate,Aston,Shure etc

Access to numerous boutique amps,guitars,basses and instruments

Czar Street Studios

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